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When I was a kid I imagine how would it be to live on an island with nothing but yourself.
I dreamt from catching my own food to creating my own fire. From building my own house on to setting up my traps.
It seems weird but there are moments in my childhood that wish I was part of a plane crash or a lost ship stranded in a middle of nowhere.
But then when I became an adult I realized that it is not how I wish to be stranded on an island. It is just because as young boy, I really love nature.
Now I was in an island with someone I love. I finally met a person that shares my passion. No we are not on a plane crash but we are part of a trip.

I still wish to be stranded. Hahahaha… But yes, the burning desire to be with nature is truly there.
If you ask me do you still love to live on an island? My answer would be:
“Yes, but with someone I love”

Just find someone who appreciates your passion and you’ll be halfway to your goals.
Now, Sharing our awesome experience in one of the most precious Gems of the Philippine Islands “Iloilo”.
Iloilo is mostly known for its Spanish colonial churches and old houses, but digging deeper in you’ll discover the riches of its nature that’s yet untouched.

Underrated as it seems Iloilo is a pure winner for sea food and nature lovers out there. From mouth watering scallops to jaw dropping rock formations. You ask for it, they have it!
So play the video! Click it in HD! Don’t forget to like and share.
Grab your camera and Go and capture those Wanderlust experience!


For complete itinerary please see our link here .
Thanks  Hector Perez for sharing your video blog!

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