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It’s hard to be away from loved ones, but an OFW endures the hardships of staying in another country, for the dream of building a better life for the family. Here are 10 reasons why you should thank the OFW in your life based on the Suntrust online ad “Tatay is Home”.

1. They are willing to sacrifice their own joy for your happiness.

Working 24/7 is hard enough. But having to work without family and friends to shield you from loneliness is even harder.

2. They will endure being far away to bring you a bright future.

OFWs battle homesickness on a daily basis just to secure a better future for the family. Their day-to-day investment: blood, sweat, and tears.

3. Their wish is for your wish to be fulfilled.

Your happiness is their happiness. They are willing to overcome any adversity, just so you could fulfill your dreams.

4. They invest in your education.

OFWs know that good education is the doorway to a successful career. Your OFW parents often work two jobs, or remit their entire salary, to pay for your schooling.

5. They endure having to miss the important milestones in your life.

Airfares can get pretty expensive, so how else can they rush home for your birthday or graduation? It’s hard for them to miss out on your victories, but they are left with no other choice.

6. They eat on a budget so you could eat whatever you want.

OFWs choose not to be selective with food, just so they could send a bigger portion of their salary to the family. Most of the time, they opt to miss a meal, or just settle with whatever food is available, because every cent counts.

7. They toil day in and day out, to build you a better home.

Their goal: To see you live comfortably in your dream home.

8. Instead of buying clothes and material things, they spend it on you.

They invest all their hard-earned money, not for luxury and self-indulgence, but for your future.

9. They sacrifice their health, so you could live life to the fullest.

They often do hard labor, or lack adequate sleep, because of the demands of their job. Their sole motivation: They want you to have the best life possible.

10 . Love them, because someday, you will have to endure all the hardships for your own family.

You will learn to understand them when you start your own family. So don’t forget to thank and love the OFW in your life!

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1.2k shares, 2693 points